Philadelphia Bar Association Recommends Betsy Wahl

We are thrilled to announce that Betsy has been recommended by the Philadelphia Bar Association Commission on Judicial Selection. By recommending Betsy, the Bar Association is confident that she possesses: high degree of knowledge of established legal principles; trial experience and a deep knowledge of the rules of evidence and courtroom procedures; a record and reputation for excellent character and integrity; financial responsibility; judicial temperament; a record of community involvement; devotion to improvement of the quality of justice.

Betsy Wahl endorsed by the Philadelphia Chapter of the National Organization for Women

Very happy to announce that I have been endorsed by the Philadelphia Chapter of the National Organization for Women (NOW). NOW is engaged in working to realize a broad vision for progress for women and their families, which is predicated on intersectionality and inclusion. To learn more about the great work they are doing, visit

Betsy Wahl endorsement by Liberty City LGBT Democratic Club

I am thrilled to have received the endorsement of Liberty City today! Liberty City LGBT Democratic Club is an advocacy organization which builds political power for the Philadelphia area Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community through involvement within the Democratic Party. To learn more about this wonderful organization visit Thank you Liberty City!

It's so heartening to see young people involved in the political process. Proud to be endorsed by Millennials In Action!

Millennials in Action works to create innovative ways to engage, educate, and train the millennial demographic in Philadelphia to become a well-informed voting block. Their vision is to increase the voter turn out among millennials ages 18-35, to foster a culture of civic engagement and community service, and to influence local elections through political fundraising and grassroots organizing.


Join them by visiting